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Entertainment in Riga

Traditional dishes to taste are the Kimenu siers (caraway cheese), borshch (beet soup), rasols (potato salad), and sauerkraut. There is also a Latvian version of the smorgasbord, Aukstais galds, piragi. Popular drinks are beer, vodka, and balzam. Pickled mushrooms are also a Latvian speciality. Close to the sea restaurants offer fresh seafood. Latvian fast food kiosks offer a larger choice than in western fast food restaurants. Pelmeni (Russian meat dumplings) pancake and kebab are usual, fresh juice and kefirs are worth to taste. You'll find all kind of Japanese, Indian, Italian, Thai cuisine as well.

The cinemas play all the latest films, many of them in English, with Latvian subtitles.

Latvian National Opera House - Tours are available in English and provide an interesting mix of history and on a performance night, glimpses of actors preparing backstage.

Russian Drama Theatre
Latvia houses the world's oldest Russian theatre outside of Russia, and the theatre is more than 120 years old, with a rich tradition of acclaimed theatrical performances and celebrity.

Dailes Theatre
This modern Latvian theatre offers exceptional dramatic performances, primarily in the Latvian language, though occasionally in Russian as well. The second theatre offers a variety of exceptional amateur productions that appear anything that amateur, from belly dancing to flamenco and beyond.

The National Theatre
This theatre reopened in 2004 after a complete restoration. It showcases a variety of popular and exceptional Latvian theatrical performances.

The New Riga Theatre
This theater is situated in former Soviet youth theatre building. Modern and progressive directors perform their plays here. Tickets sell out fast. Public exhibitions take place in the lobby on occasion.

The days are very long in the summer, the sun sets only for a short time, so be prepared for the long evenings. Bars and clubs get filled around 8-9 PM, nightclubs open around 10-11 PM. Entrance is usually free for girls before midnight. The Old Riga area offers plenty of entertainment.

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