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Travel inside Latvia

You can choose beetween a number of options if you travel inside Latvia:
By plane
Main airport of Latvia is in Riga, major airports can be found in Ventspils and Liepaja

By car 
The Via Baltica runs north-south from Tallinn to Warsaw through Riga, Vilnius and Kaunas. The Via Hanseatica runs from Berlin to Riga through Gdansk, Kaliningrad and Siauliai. Corridors also run east-west, linking Riga to Moscow, Ventspils, Liepaja, Vitebsc and Pskow. The A2 northeast from Riga leads to Cesis.

You will need a valid driving license, automobile registration card and the vehicle insurance documents (including Green Card).
Permitted speeds:
50 km/h - within built-up areas
90 km/h - outside built-up areas

You can use your car up till 3 months, if you are not resident in Latvia. After 3 months you need to register it.
Driving with headlights is obligatory during both day and night.
Mobile phones: Use of mobile phones while driving is not permitted
Maximum permitted amount of alcohol in blood: 0.2 mg.
Use of seat belts is obligatory.
All petrol stations sell Eurosuper 95, Super 95, Super 98, Super plus 98, Normal and Euro Diesel fuel.

By bus
Travelling by bus is very cheap, the bus network is very comprehensive, the bus stations have a good connection to the city centres. Buses go just about everywhere in Latvia, although you should check the timetable for less frequented places.

By train
The rail network connects all major Latvian towns, the IC services offer the same high standards, as in any other countries, including restaurant, sleeping car, the train stations are all equipped with post office, newsstand, shops, snack bars. The train network is less comprehensive than the bus network, still it's likely you can reach any destination. Services are less frequent to smaller, less visited places.

By ship
The main ports are Liepaja, Riga, Ventspils, located along the coastal border of Latvia. The big harbors are dealing mainly with transit freight, playing an important role in Latvian economy. Regular ferry services are available between the ports.

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